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Welcome to KollywoodK Movies

KollywoodK Movies is a prominent film and movie production company based in Kenya, with a focus on producing high-quality films that capture the spirit and essence of Kenyan culture. The company was founded by a group of talented filmmakers who shared a common passion for storytelling and a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Kenya.

KollywoodK Movies is known for producing a wide range of films, from action-packed thrillers to heartwarming romantic comedies, all with a distinct Kenyan flavor. The company is dedicated to creating films that not only entertain but also educate and inspire audiences, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Kenyan culture and highlighting important social issues.

Our Range of Services:

Film Production

Scripting Services

Editing Services

Wedding Shoots


Some of the movies and fims we produce explore the complex world of politics, family-life and corruption in Kenya. Our films have been praised for their gripping storylines, powerful performances, and ability to shed light on a difficult topic that is often overlooked in mainstream media.

KollywoodK Movies is committed to promoting the Kenyan film industry and providing opportunities for local talent to showcase their skills and creativity. The company has collaborated with a range of talented actors, writers, and directors from across the country, and has helped to launch the careers of many up-and-coming artists.

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